Food Your Dog Should Never Have

Food Your Dog Should Never Have

Most dog owners love their dogs and want to spoil them whenever they can.  One of the ways you show affection to a dog is with food.  Treats are how you train them and reward good behavior.  But not everything that you love is good for your dog.  Your dog also won’t stop themselves from eating things that could harm them so it is up to you to keep these foods away from your dog.


Most people are aware that chocolate is bad for dogs, but you also need to watch out for caffeine too.  It is the cacao seeds where both come from that cause the problem.  Cacao contains a compound called methylxanthines and that is what is so harmful to your dog.  Not only can it make them sick but if they get enough of it they could die.  Keep your coffee and chocolates far away from your pooch.


Grapes whether fresh or dried out as raisins are both harmful to your dog.  Most pet owners are completely unaware of just how dangerous grapes and raisins can be to their dogs.  Ingesting either of them can cause kidney failure in your dog so keep them way out of reach.


Bread is actually bad for most animals, don’t feed it to birds, ducks or your dog.  Bread bloats and twists in your dog’s stomach making them extremely uncomfortable.  If you bake your own bread then you want to keep bread dough away from the dog, the yeast can act like alcohol and you can have a drunk puppy.


Dogs love bones and we have been giving dogs bones since we first domesticated them.  Not all bones are good for your dog.  Chicken bones and ribs are fragile and they break pretty easily.  Broken bones have sharp edges and can damage your dog or even cause them to choke.  Splintered bones can cut and scratch on the way down.  Instead give your dogs bones that you buy from the pet store that clean teeth, give them something to chew and taste great.


Too much salt is just as bad for your dog as it is for you.  If they get too much salt it makes them extremely thirsty and can cause dehydration.  It can even cause your dog to end up with sodium ion poisoning so keep you own salty snacks away from your dog.  Don’t share your chips, pretzels and popcorn with your pet.

Should You Choose Grain Free Dog Food

Should You Choose Grain Free Dog Food

Dogs can develop allergies just like people do and one of the most common allergens is to gluten.  Yes, dogs can get Celiac Disease just like humans.  Wheat contains proteins and gluten is about 80% of these proteins and it is common for dogs to react badly to gluten.  Most dog owners aren’t even aware that the gluten found in wheat can cause health problems in their pets.  So the question is, should you choose grain free dog food for your dog?

What’s in Your Dog’s Food

Commercial dog food can contain lots of things that aren’t good for your dog.  There is lots of fillers in there and they can include grain, barley, rye, corn, oats and even ash.  You need to read the list of ingredients just like you would for your own food so you know exactly what is in the package.  In addition to fillers there are also a whole bunch of artificial preservatives and additives, most have names you can’t even pronounce.  Dog food manufacturers will try and hide the ingredients so you don’t know what they are.  You should take the time to learn the names of preservatives so you can avoid them.

Healthy Ingredients

When you read the labels on dog food cans and bags look for things that you recognize like chicken, lamb, beef or fish.  Your dog will have preferences just like you do.  Your dog may prefer salmon over beef, don’t worry that is perfectly normal.  Don’t spend your money on bad food with lots of bad ingredients.  You should also try your dog on more free range meats like venison, bison or turkey.  You can also buy organic dog food.  Your dog also like vegetables and needs them for nutrients you will find most dog food will contain ingredients like sweet potatoes, pumpkin or carrots.  All of them are great for your dog.

Going Grain Free

The question was whether you should feed your dog grain free food or not?  The answer is yes.  Your dog may not even have a reaction to gluten but it doesn’t do them any good either.  Now that you have chosen grain free food you need to wean your dog off of the old food and onto the new food.  You can do that by mixing the two together and gradually reducing the amount of old dog food that you are feeding your dog.  Dogs can be just as picky as humans so you may have to try different flavors of food until you find one that they like.