Dogs are inherently social creatures they naturally congregate in packs and in your world you are their pack.  So if your dog spends a great deal of time home alone it could be stressing them out.  Separation anxiety is a common problem with dogs and it can result in behavior that is self-destructive, aggressive and excessive barking.  This is not a medical condition per so but you still need to deal with it.  Here are some indicators of separation anxiety and how to deal with it.


If your dog is extremely anxious then that can be dangerous, not only will they wreak havoc on your environment but they can become aggressive.  Stress causes changes in the body for dogs just like it does for humans and your dog can make themselves sick.  Medication can help but you will need to do more. There are anti-anxiety meds for dogs but you will also have to do some training with your dog too.

Giving Attention

This part will be hard for anyone who loves their dog but you will need to show a little tough love.  When you come home after work and your dog is excited to see you and is jumping all over the place to get your attention you are going to have to ignore them.  You’re first instinct will be to pet them and show affection but hold off until they calm down.  That reinforces good behavior.

Your Dog is Bored

Dogs with nothing to do are the ones that develop behavioral problems, when dogs have nothing to do they get anxious and stress out.  You’re going to have to walk them more often or hire someone to walk them if you can’t do it yourself.  As a pet owner the care of your dog is your responsibility no matter how demanding your life is, invest the time in getting someone to train your dog and you will have a much better dog when they are done.

Talk to the Vet

If you are having trouble controlling your dog’s behavior and the separation anxiety is getting out of hand then it is time to have a chat with your vet.  Your vet can recommend some training exercises to help along with medication that will help keep your dog calm throughout the day. There are things you can do to help control your dog’s stress and resolve the separation anxiety issues.