The idea of your dog eating raw food isn’t new, in fact before dogs were domesticated that was all that they ate. Commercial dog food is only something that was invented in the past 150 years. In the beginning it might have been relatively healthy for your dog but as the years went on more fillers were added to the food and today not all commercial dog foods are even remotely healthy. Many people have opted to make their own dog food and some have gone one step further and feed their dogs only raw food.

Why Make Your Own Dog Food

Making your own food guarantees that your dog gets fresh food made from the best ingredients like raw meat, vegetables and healthy fats. Commercial dog food contains a ton of ingredients that your dog doesn’t need. Here are some things that are in dog food that your dog doesn’t need and can actually do them some harm.

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Artificial flavors and colors
  • Preservatives

These additives in your dog’s food can cause a host of health problems everything from digestive problems to canine diabetes. Your dog was never meant to eat wheat and before dogs were domesticated that was not part of their diet ever. They don’t have the ability to digest corn and wheat but commercial dog foods use them because they are cheap and act as fillers or binding agents.

What Dogs Eat Naturally

Dogs are predators just like their distant cousins the wolves and there are foods that your dog was meant to eat. Raw dog food is the type of diet your dug would have in the wild. Feeding them raw food should consist of proteins like meats (beef, liver, eggs, and chicken). They should also have some vegetables for fiber and natural oils. Dogs love broccoli, carrots and you can top it all off with a touch of olive oil or cod liver oil.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets for your dog are exactly what your dog was designed to eat, you can also include organ meats as part of their diet. There are no chemicals or fillers in the food, just pure nutrition. You can reduce the risks of many canine diseases. There is less chance of them becoming obese. Your dog will like it better and offer them all of the right minerals, vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy.

You want your dog to stay healthy and live a long and healthy life then a raw food diet is the best way to do that.