Pet owners want to keep their pets healthy and happy, they feed them good food and make sure they see the vet regularly.  Your pup only gets the best toys and treats because you want to make sure they don’t come in contact with anything that could harm them.   In addition to all of that your pet needs to make sure they don’t get fleas or ticks.  There is a wide variety of preventatives one the market but you definitely want to find a flea and tick care treatment that is going to keep your dog healthy.

Talk to Your Vet

The first step in your search for a good treatment is with your vet.  They have insight and into some of the most effective treatments, and can recommend Nexgard or one of the other more popular treatments.  You want a product that does two things, kill any parasites that your dog may currently have and prevents future infestations.  Here are some things to look for in a product if you aren’t getting a recommendation from your vet.

  • You want a product that has been approved by the FDA as safe for your pooch
  • It can be given to dogs of any breed to keep them safe
  • It is fast acting and protection lasts for several weeks
  • Because cautious about giving it to puppies, check with the manufacturer to make sure it is safe
  • Your dog should be at least 8 weeks old before you give them treatment

How do they Work

These products work in two ways.  To get rid of fleas or ticks that are already on your dog the ingredients attack the nervous systems of fleas and ticks eventually causing death.  They die and fall off of your dog.  The second thing that they do is act as “birth control” and stop the production of flea eggs, that way no new colonies of fleas develop on your dog’s fur.  Most applications will start working within a day, some of them within hours.  You should give your dog a good brushing or a bath after treatment to get rid of any dead parasites.


Dosages of any medications are based on body weight so you are going to need to know how much your dog weighs.  A Chihuahua can’t handle the same dose as a Rottweiler.  Most of these medications will indicate what size dog they are for and you there will be a couple of different packages for you to choose from.  Don’t use the same product on your cat and dog or one of them is going to end up sick.  Each needs different treatments.  Don’t give this to any pregnant or nursing dogs.

There are plenty of effective treatments you just need to find one that works for your dog.  Talk to your vet, they can help.