If you live in the northern part of the world then you have to deal with winter.  Winter can be hard on people and animals alike if the temperatures plummet.  As a pet owner you have a responsibility to look after your pet and make sure that they stay warm.  Here are some tips for protecting your pup in winter.

The Cold

The temperatures in winter can vary from just above freezing to well below it over the course of the winter.  Smaller pups like Chihuahuas or Yorkies really can’t handle the cold and you may only have to let them out to do their business but save the walks until the weather gets warmer.  You can also get them coats and booties to keep them warm.  Other breeds like Huskies or Retrievers handle the cold very well and you can take them out for walks.

Icy Sidewalks

Icy sidewalks are more a danger to you than your dog but don’t let your dog off the leash while you walk them.  You aren’t sure footed enough to catch your dog if something goes wrong.  At the same time if your sidewalks are salted then the rock salt can hurt the pads on your dog’s paws.  You can get your pup some little booties that will protect them from the salt.

Dry Skin

Winter leaves your pup with dry skin caused by the cold and staying in the house with the heat on.  There are a couple of things that you can do about it.  First make sure that your dog is getting good food with lots of healthy fats.  Next you want to make sure that you are brushing your dog regularly to take away the dander.  Don’t bathe them too often and never shave the dog in the winter, aside from being cold it will make the skin even drier.

Be Wary of Antifreeze

Antifreeze is used in heaters in your car and sometimes even in the home.  It is extremely toxic to your pets. If you take them for walks or you have it on your driveway you need to wipe their paws and belly off after the walk.  Look for cracked or dry skin and always be aware of where they walk. Keep them away from heaters so they don’t get burned.

Winter can be just as hard on your dog as it is on you so take extra care so that they are warm and healthy throughout the winter.