Dogs can make some noise and just when you got the barking under control the howling starts.  While the sound may drive you nuts there is a reason that your dog is howling and no it is not because they think they are a wolf.  Howling is one of the ways that they communicate, along with barking and body language.  Here are some of the reasons why your dog is making so much noise.

It’s an Instinct

Howling comes naturally to dogs, it is behavior that they have been doing since they have evolved.  It is how they communicate across long distances.  When dogs used to travel in packs they would howl to let their pack mates know where they were or to call family members to come home.

They Were Startled

Dogs have better hearing than people so while you think it might be silent they are getting startled by noises that you just can’t hear.  Sirens, traffic and everyday noises can also cause them to howl and try and let pack members know where they are, even if that pack is just you.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs are very social creatures and before they were domesticated they traveled in packs and now they look at you and your family as a pack.  They don’t like being left of their own.  If they are left at home all day while you are at work be prepared for your neighbors to complain about the noise.  Separation anxiety is a very real issue and not only will they howl they can tear your house apart.

They Want Your Attention

Dogs need lots and lots of attention, that is one of the reasons that dogs are such a big commitment.  If they aren’t getting the attention that they want they are going to start making noise and that can include barking, howling and even whining.  You will have to train your dog to behave properly and don’t tolerate this kind of behavior.

Your Dog has been Hurt

Dogs can’t scream when they are in pain instead they howl.  They can also start making noise if they feel scared or feel they are in danger.  If your dog won’t stop howling and you can’t find the problem then you might want to call the vet.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

No matter the cause of the howling, barking or other noisy behaviour you need to pay attention to your dog and deal with the issue or train them not to make so much noise.